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It is possible to include additional HTML or PDF pages as appendices in the generated PDF document. Each appendix can be given a custom name / number and a label. The files that should be used as appendices must be in the "doc-files" subdirectory, just as any additional files referenced in a javadoc page have to.

Appendix Configuration

To define an appendix, a set of properties must be defined. These properties are grouped together (for each appendix) by a number in the name of the property.

Here are two examples. The first shows how to include an external HTML file in an appendix:
       appendix.1.title=Some Stuff
The HTML file will be included in an appendix before the index pages.

The next example shows how to include pages of an external PDF document. If no page numbers are specified, only the first page will be imported.
       appendix.2.title=Project Info
This example imports pages 3-5 from the file "projectinfo.pdf". Page numbers can be specified as a list of comma-separated entries, either single values or ranges. Here are a few examples:

Links To Appendices

To create a link to an appendix file (which works, of course, both in the HTML javadoc as well as in the PDF file) use a link like this:
	    <a href="./doc-files/some-other-file.html">link to an appendix file.</a>
This also works for PDF files (but it's not possible to link to a certain page, if more than one page has been imported).