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Title Page

Title Page Options

The title page can be created in a few different ways:
  1. No title page at all
  2. Title page generated by the doclet, using a custom label
  3. Title page imported from an external HTML page
  4. Title page imported from an external PDF page

Title Page Customization

To activate printing of a title page at all, the following property must be set to "true":
        api.title.page = true
To use a generated title page, set these properties with the title label, the authors name and the copyright label:
        api.title = <title text>
        api.copyright = <copyright text>
        api.author = <author name>
To use an external HTML or PDF document page, use this property to specifify the file name:
        api.title.file=<path to HTML or PDF file>
If a PDF file is specified, the first page of the file is used as the title page.