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Frequently Asked Questions

PDFDoclet crashes, or hangs. What should I do?

If you happen to find a bug in PDFDoclet, it's likely to be some javadoc-feature that has not been implemented correctly or not at all in PDFDoclet. In that case, see if you can reproduce the problem, and if you can nail it down to a certain part of your Java sourcecodes. Then submit a bug entry in the SourceForge project bug tracking database:


Describe your findings as detailled as possible, and attach any files that may be useful in fixing the bug (the logfile, your source files etc.).

My HTML-tags are not handled correctly (or at all). Why?

Some HTML tags are simply not supported at all (yet), as it is quite complicated to create appropriate PDF objects for certain complicated HTML code. This might be implemented in future versions. If this is really a must-have for your project, check out other PDF-generating doclets (see the links page on the PDFDoclet website).

How do I use the doclet in a shell script?

Check out the "binaries" package. It contains examples for using the doclet both with shell scripts or with ANT.

My image files are not found (for the image tag).

Use the "-workdir" configuration parameter (or the "workdir" configuration property in the config file). Use it to set the start path of the doclet for looking for external files to the path relative to which your image can be found, as you specified it in the "<img>" tag. Take a look at the example "test-pdf" in the "example/src3" directory. If the working directory is not specified, it's just ".". Please note that the tag {@docRoot} at the beginning of a file path specification will just be replaced with the value of the working directory.

The blank space character between two tags gets lost

This problem has been solved with release 0.8.1 of PDFDoclet. The reason for this problem has been an incorrect use of JTidy in previous releases. Please update to 0.8.1 or newer.

How do I print or disable custom tags?

Custom tags are not printed as long as there is no label defined for them. See the "Configuration" page or the test.pdf example for how to specify a label for a custom tag. So, disabling a custom tag can be done by simply not specifying a label for it.

I get Runtime exceptions '..has no valid destination'

This problem was solved with release 0.9.2, so just update to a current release. A little explanation here: The message means that somewhere in the javadoc is a reference to a target that does not exist (at least not in the exact form of that reference). Like a "@see AnyClass#someMethod(String)", where the older PDFDoclet version could not correctly resolve certain anchor formats (with or without parameters etc.).

My embedded font creates some strange characters.

The problem lies in finding the correct encoding setting for the font. For Windows-based fonts, try "Cp1252".