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It is possible to create a PDF file with only certain classes, methods, constructors and fields of an API in it. The content that should be printed (included in the document) can be defined using custom tags. Each code member with such a filter tag (and, depending on the configuration, the right content) will be included in the PDF.

Activating Filters

To activate filtering set this property:


Tag-Name based filtering

One option is to define a comma-separated list of names of custom tags that should be used for filtering. Each code member with such a tag will be printed (regardless of the label of the tag). To specify the list set this property:


Tag-Label based filtering

It is also possible to use the filter on a more fine-grained level by filtering based on the label of certain custom tags. For example, by using a custom tag "@prerelease x.y.z" it would be possible to print an extract of only those parts of the API that are marked with a tag like "@prerelease 1.3.15". All code members without such a tag at all, or with such a tag but a different content string, would be excluded from the PDF.